Internship Program



The overarching aim of the internship and the Institute of Functional Neuroscience is to apply knowledge gained to the practice of functional neuroscience.

The course is comprised of structured activities to prepare the intern functional neuroscientist to successfully pass the examinations set by a board of directors.  Mentoring and peer support, combined with experienced staff, will make the year not only enjoyable and meaningful, but set the foundations for a successful professional career.

These standards require that an intern reach competency in the domains outlined by the IFN detailed course structure. This will be in the form of 6 eight-week modules over 48 weeks. Each module is separated by a week-long academic enrichment period which can be used for exam preparation, clinical exposure, research activities or relaxation. 


The program will comprise of:

-Ongoing contact with the Intern Training Program (ITP) provider via Lectures (8 hours/ week) , Case Rounds/ Tutorials (1 hour/ week) and Journal Club (1 hour/week) conducted at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience over the course of the program.

-Small Group Learning with a focus on case-based learning during these lectures and rounds.

-Intern driven self-directed learning exercises.

-Professional Development Training Plans.



Didactic lectures will take place for 8 hours each week. Fundamental themes covered during the Internship theory portion include;  

-Basic neurological structure and function 

-Basic principles and practical utilisation of EEG, non-invasive brain stimulation and dark-field microscopy.


Rounds/ Tutorials

One Rounds session per week running throughout the internship will involve small group learning, focusing on:

-Specific Cases currently being dealt with in the clinical shifts

-Individual clinic experiences

-Time management (prioritising)


-Peer support

Each tutorial has a primary theme to direct the learning.

Journal Club

The journal club will consist mostly of discussions about various aspects of prescribed journal articles each week. Each member is required to be well informed on the topics being discussed. A question and answer session on the material covered is conducted during these sessions. 

Self Directed Learning

This activity will tap the experiences and resources of the workplace to build confidence towards becoming an independent professional.

Applied Functional Neuroscience - Clinical Practice 

This unit commences preparation for the AICN Board Examination and working
as a clinician 1.


-3x clinical shifts per week including introduction to equipment required for a
comprehensive neurological assessment

-Report writing/ imaging interpretation as necessary

-Technical training including QEEG, Direct current, IF and other modalities used
during practise



Tuition for the Internship program is $48,000 AUD. This includes all study materials, mentorship and supervision, examinations and continuing education hosted by the Institute. 



Applicants must fulfill all of the following criteria:

-Completed an undergraduate neuroscience or health science degree

-Hold a current license as an AHPRA health practitioner


Application Process

Applicants will fill out an expression of interest form and e-mail it to together with a copy of their Curriculum vitae. The application will then be reviewed by the management committee and if the applicant is successful they will be required to attend an interview at the Institute. A further review process in undertaken by the Management committee and the applicant will then be notified regarding the outcome of their application. 


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