About Us

The Institute of Functional Neuroscience (IFN) was founded in Australia in 2008 to inspire hope and enhance humanity through clinical advances in neuroplasticity. We utilise the latest in neuroplasticity and neuroscience research to develop treatment approaches aimed at improving brain and nervous system performance of people with a wide range of conditions including migraines, seizure disorders, strokes, attention deficit disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, developmental coordination delay, vertigo, depression, learning and developmental disorders, concussion syndromes and autism. We are committed to collaborating with world leaders in education and research to ensure that we develop and deliver the finest cutting edge treatment outcomes possible for our patients.


IFN is an interdisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who strive every day to inspire hope, create expertise and advance humanity in a population of patients that are experiencing unresolved complex neurological dysfunction. The institute is internationally recognised in the application of neuroplastic principles and has clinics in Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Canada and China.

The clinical applications we utilise focus on modulating the activity of the brain that in turn changes activity throughout the nervous system. The changes brought about by modulating the activity of the brain are dependent on the natural processes of neural plasticity. Neural plasticity involves activities that are fundamental to the nervous system including learning and functional change. The Institute recognises and utilises these natural phenomena to evoke change in targeted functional areas of the nervous system. This is done in order to encourage the normalisation of nervous system function in neurologic cases that traditionally do not respond satisfactorily to established treatment protocols such as migraines, seizures, depression and anxiety, stroke rehabilitation, post-traumatic stress disorders, autism, developmental coordination delay, head injuries and spinal cord trauma.

Universities, Educational and Research Affiliations

Mission & Vision

We are

Inspirers of hope, creators of expertise and enhancers of humanity.

We do

Respect the spirit and beliefs of patients, families and colleagues and show compassion, sensitivity, and empathy, in all we do.

We adhere

To the highest standards of excellence, ethics, and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients place in us.

We inspire

Hope and nurture the physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our patients.

We utilise

Knowledge, innovation and research to foster the principals of best practice in all we do.

We challenge

Existing ideas and ourselves and seek innovative approaches to improve our workplace environment.

We embrace

The necessity of sustainability and reinvestment in our mission through prudent management of our material, human and natural resources.

We understand

That education is the cornerstone of clinical progress and commit to the process of life long learning.

We represent

The value of openness and honesty (transparency) in dealing with all issues presented by patients and other team members.

We build

Capacity and excellence in our people, in recognition that they are our greatest assets.

We will

Diversify and increase our funding base to sustain future activities and future growth.

We care!